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The eleventh commandment

The eleventh commandment God speaks audibly from heaven happens on the the Mount of Transfiguration where God says about Jesus "This is my Son whom I love - Listen to Him".  The other day I was reading and meditating on Isaiah 55.  I found it rich and inspiring about the benefits of really listening to God - it talks about listening to God and your soul delighting in the richest of fare.  More than that the chapter goes on to describe the powerful effectiveness of God's word which makes it well worth listening to - in the last verse it talks about the reversal of the curse of the fall.  It has struck me that I should return to this chapter regularly in the coming days and use it as a starting point for improving my listening to God.  I want to be able to hear Him better through scripture, through creation and through others.  I would be interested to read your comments about what strikes you from this passage or how God has spoken to you through it.


David Wanstall, 14/12/2007