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I'm back for 2008 - January recap

Welcome back to my blog for 2008.  I hope you had a chance to rest and unwind in January as we deliberately scheduled a downtime at the church.  This is part of the process of us learning to live in the rhythm of life where we work from rest or abide in Christ and then bear fruit.  The semicircle Lifeshape helps us remember this (links to lifeshapes info  link to mike breen teaching on semicircle - need to log in).

On the 30th of December we spent some time reflecting on 2007 and identifying things to be thankful for in various aspects of our lives.  Growing in thankfulness is critical for growing in Christlikeness - here is the handout we used.

On the 20th of January in our sevice we spent some time planning when our periods of rest would be during the year.  Here is the audio, Here is the calendar handout we used

Chris and I found it a challenging exercise to do this planning taking into account our work commitments, busy times of year, school and other children's activities.  It took us at least an hour to come up with an in principle plan with various details to be worked out later.  Included in that are some times where we are going to help each other get away for a day and night retreat to be alone with God.  We want to build this idea of going on retreat into the culture of our church - Jesus practiced it and if he needed it there is a good chance we need it as well.

Have a go at doing your planning and then add a comment below telling me how you found it.


David Wanstall, 23/01/2008