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Everything Jesus Said to Do

On Sunday 27th January we considered a possible new sign for us to erect out the front of the church proposed by Dallas Willard and based on the great commission in Matthew 28: 

We Teach All Who Seriously Commit Themselves to Jesus

How to Do Everything He Said to Do

We had a short discussion time and people submitted various areas where we were challenged.  There was a significant amount of overlap (indicated by bold text) so here in the best tradition of top 10 lists is our top 17:

  1. be humble
  2. do not judge
  3. do not worry
  4. forgive
  5. heal sick,
  6. free captives
  7. feed poor
  8. love God more, abide in Christ
  9. love others
  10. love enemies
  11. put self out
  12. put God first
  13. sharing possesions
  14. spreading gospel, teaching what we’ve learnt to others
  15. visiting people
  16. discover people’s needs and try to offer help
  17. be salt of the earth

This is a challenging list.  I would be interested to get your comments.  Which of these do you find challenging.  Are there challenging aspects of Jesus' teaching that we have left out?  Have you grown in any of these areas - how did it happen?

David Wanstall, 05/02/2008