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The circle lifeshape - learning from life

In science and the development of theories, people get excited when they find simple elegant solutions because time and time again they actually reveal a deep truth.  I think this is also the case with the Circle Lifeshape, it helps to bring in to focus how God wants us to process the Kairos moments of life to maximum effect, to bring about the greatest amount of growth in our journeys to become like Jesus (see last sunday's sermon). 

The gospels are full of these moments, and if we take time to reflect we will find that our lives are full of them too.  While we can process these moments by ourselves, there is greater power in involving other people.  If we discuss the significant positive and negative moments of our days and weeks with other Christians, they can help us get perspective and they can also be a source of accountability for what we decide to do differently.  Accountability is different to control - it is not about one person controlling another.  Rather we give someone permission to ask us how we are going with something that we ourselves determined to do.

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David Wanstall, 29/02/2008