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A real relationship with jesus (part 2)

I appreciate the input people gave on 30/3 when we discussed the whole issue of hearing God's voice at some depth.  I mentioned that Mike Breen talks about the bible being God's phrase book - now he and we know it is much more than that.   But the point is that the more familiar we are with God's word (ie the way God speaks and what he speaks about), the better equipped we will be to recognize, understand and apply what God is saying to us since He never goes beyond the principles of the overall teaching of the bible. 

In various verses the bible encourages us to meditate on God's Word day and night.  To help you do that, let me encourage you to have a go at memorizing some scripture passages - large chunks not just individual verses.  Then you will be able to meditate more easily on God's word during your busy days.  You might like to start by memorizing Psalm 23, the Lord's prayer, Rom 8, or Col 3:1-17.  Then when you are on the train to work, hanging out the washing, stuck in traffic (with the radio off) or sitting on the toilet you will be able to bring that passage to mind and turn it over in your mind looking at it from different angles, focusing on different phrases, and letting God speak to you in fresh and specific ways.  I would even risk suggesting that it would be worth your while to suspend your normal bible reading pattern for a week to memorize one of the passages suggested (as well as the Lord's prayer).

Last post I linked to an excerpt from Dallas Willard's book 'Hearing God' about the burning heart.  This week the link is to a Summary of Dallas Willard’s formula for living with God’s voice.

It would be great to hear some of your experiences or thoughts about how God has used the scriptures to speak to you and/or how you have grown in hearing God's voice.

David Wanstall, 02/04/2008