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Hopes for Sheffield conference

This week Lisa, Chris and I head off to Sheffield England for a conference on Lifeshapes (among other things).  It is described by the organisers as a pilgrimage and the description from their website is:

Pilgrimage is the journey to a holy place. It is a custom and tradition that has been observed for centuries by people coming together with a common purpose.

The Pilgrimage gathering in Sheffield is hosted by 3 Dimension Ministries, in partnership with St Thomas’ Church Crookes and Philadelphia. An expansion of St Thomas’ Church Visitors’ Week, it is an opportunity to encounter God, be immersed in the life of the pilgrimage centre, evaluate your experience and apply the learning.

The programme will combine worship, teaching, processing, outreach and practical mission.

I am hoping to improve my understanding of lifeshapes and how they apply to being an apprentice of Jesus.  I am particularly looking forward to the chance to learn from other church leaders how to best implement them in the life of a church.  I am also looking forward to seeing how the host churches engage in effective mission in their local contexts and the structures they use to support, sustain and build that mission.  As you can see from the description we will get a chance to participate in some of their mission activities.  I am also hoping to build some relationships with other churches and their leaders who may be able to help us on our journey here at Stonnington Baptist Church

I am hoping to add some posts to this blog during the conference which starts on the 9th June.

David Wanstall, 02/06/2008