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Reggie McNeal talks about the future of the church

At our Leaders Meeting on Sunday we looked at a video of Reggie McNeal talking at a Reformed church conference in the USA last year.  It was inspiring as he shared what God is doing around that world, uncomfortable as he made some incisive remarks about how we do church in the West (he talked about the USA but I think many of his comments apply to Australia as well), and challenging as he pointed the way forward.

Amongst other things he said:
  • In many places around the world a Pentecost is happening every hour.
  • There has been a dramatic change in the shape of the church:
    At beginning of 1900’s 80% of Christians white, western culture and northern hemisphere
    At beginning of 2000’s 80% of Christians non-white, non-western, non-northern 
  • We need to understand that the Kingdom of God is the destination - the church ISN'T.  The church helps connect people to the Kingdom just as an airport helps connect people to where they are going.
  • We need to replace an evangelism strategy with a blessing strategy

For further notes please see this pdf

The videos can be seen on - just search for Reggie McNeal.  The first video is the one we watched at our leaders meeting.  The second one is part two.  Alternatively you can try these links:

Part One
Part Two

David Wanstall, 29/07/2008