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An 11:14 meeting - ideas for the missing middle!

As people at St Thomas's have explored mid sized groups of 20-60 focused on mission (missional communities) 1 Corinthians Chapters 11-14 have become meaningful in a new way.  They have seen how the pattern here helps a mid size group run in a way that doesn't create a great organisational load yet includes people, including visitors, and connects people with the reality of God in ways that changes them.  While these chapters contain some difficult passages (happy to dialogue about separately), the following elements can be found in 11:17 through 14:32:

  • eat together - meals
  • remember Jesus death
  • sensitive to differences
  • Spirit distributed gifts
  • Relate - like a body
  • Love
  • Eager for the prophetic
  • Each one brings something
  • Visitors sense God
Let me encourage you to spend some time reading and rereading this passage.  Let God speak to you through it.  Dare to imagine what some of these groups might look like here at Stonnington Baptist Church.

David Wanstall, 13/08/2008