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My Top 7 Christian websites

We are fortunate to have access to lots of resources on the web.  Here are some of the sites I visit most frequently (in no particular order).  If you have some that you use, please leave the details in a comment.

  1. - site of the Christianity Today Magazine.  It contains articles etc.  There is a companion site and for a subscription you can gain access to archive articles from Christianity Today, Leadership, Christian History and other magazines.
  2. - Mark's blog covering issues of culture, Christianity and church
  3. - The blog of author Scot McKnight.  Contains reflections on current issues, prayers, and reviews of significant new books.
  4. - Alan Hirsch's blog on the missional church.
  5. - site for Dallas Willard resources - say no more
  6. - A site containing articles, links and recordings of N T Wright one of the leading evangelical theologians in the world today.  He is an anglican bishop from England
  7. - A site to purchase downloadable resources on Lifeshapes, Missional Focused Groups (Clusters), Huddles, and Kingdom and Covenant.

David Wanstall, 16/09/2008