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10 Tips on Mission from Matthew 10

  1. Mission is Motivated by the Compassion of Jesus. (Actually from Matt 9:36 - but is basis for Matt 10)
  2. It requires us to learn from Jesus how to do it and to do it under His authorization. (10:1)
  3. Start with the people you are most familiar with. (10:5-6)
  4. Proclaim and demonstrate that life under the good rule of God is now available. (10:7-8)
  5. You don’t need a budget or resources to get started. (10:9-10)
  6. Keep looking until you find people of peace who welcome you and are open to your message (don’t get hung up with knock-backs). (Matt 10:11-14)
  7. Wisely choose your moments and don’t be tricky. (10:16-20)
  8. Division and rejection will happen because not all will agree to Jesus’ regime change (even though it is by the cross and not the sword). (10:21-23,34-39)
  9. Deal with your fears by changing your perspective and totally committing to Jesus.(10:24-33)
  10. When people respond to you they are responding to Jesus in you and they will be rewarded for the smallest welcome. (10:40-42)

David Wanstall, 22/09/2008