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Discipleship Geometry

This year we are aiming to understand and apply the first three lifeshapes to our lives.  On the basis that revision is important I thought I would briefly summarize them here. 

There are three important questions:

1.  What is the most recent kairos moment you have identified and processed?  If you can't remember one, why not ask God now to help you identify an incident big/small, positive/negative, or a time you have been aware of God's presence/absence or been aware of sinfulness/brokeness and process it with the learning circle.  Remember this sort of process was the primary way Jesus taught his disciples!

learning circle white

2.  How are you managing the rhythm of life?  Are you in a daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal rhythm between work and rest with times of high intensity and times of doing nothing?  When are you going to go on your next one day retreat?  Remember abiding in Jesus is the key to fruitfulness.


3.  Which are the strongest and weakest dimensions of your life at the moment?  Jesus lived his life in three dimensions in relationship with the Father, with his disicples, and with the world around him.  As Jesus' apprentices we are called to live in these same dimensions:  Up in relationship to God, IN in relationship to other believers, and OUT in relationship to the world around us.  We have a tendency to be strong in two of the three dimensions and when that happens we become flat Christians and run the risks of the missing dimensions shown below.  What one simple thing can you do this week to help strengthen your weakest dimension?

triangle missing dimensions

David Wanstall, 01/10/2008