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Bible - big picture and the detail - what have you been reading?

When trying to figure out a jigsaw puzzle, being able to look at the big picture is invaluable.  In a similar way, when reading a part of the bible keeping in mind the overall picture is an invaluable aid to our understanding.  At our recent church camp we spent some time on the bible overview and last Sunday we put up a copy of the visual panels we used at the camp.  Since we live in a visual age here they are.  You might like to print a copy of the panels and put it in your bible.

bible overview

I unpacked these 5 'C's' of the bible in a series back in the last quarter of 2007.  If you are interested click here

If you are interested in reading some passages that cover the sweep of the bible you might like to read these:

Gen 1-3
Gen 12
Isa 40-55
Rom 8
1 Cor 15
Eph 1
Rev 21-22

With the big picture firmly in mind we are in a great place to read different bits. 

What have you been reading recently?  How has it impacted you?  You might like to leave a comment with the passage and what it has meant for you - it will probably help and inspire others.

I'm happy to go first:

I recently reread the mini gospel within a gospel - Matt 4:23 - 9:38.  Although it was a familiar passage I tried to let the power of the words and events impact me in a fresh way.  The crowds were amazed at Jesus' teachings (7:28) and actions (9:33).  I need to regularly renew that sense of amazement. 

Your turn!

David Wanstall, 29/04/2009