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'One more question' - the power of learning from and sharing a Kairos

This blog entry was supplied by Anita and Chris.  It is an excellent example of identifying the things God is teaching us in the Kairos's that happen in our lives.  But it also shows the flow on effects of sharing them with each other.

‘Do you remember that movie that had Kevin Spacie, it was called something like ‘Pass it On’?  A movie grounded in the simple notion of doing something for others, to pass, with multiplying effect an act of kindness.  The concept was simple and easily applied to everyday life.  Last week in our Discipleship Triangle, discussion touched on how through the conversations we have we can simply listen to what people are saying and consider how ‘one more question’ might help take conversation to a new level.  Chris shared her experience of having a conversation with a colleague about maternity leave (the colleague didn't have children) and being aware of an opportunity to ask a more probing question ("Are kids in the future for you"). Chris took the opportunity to ask 'one more question' and it opened up a very deep and personal conversation which normally wouldn't have happened.

For me the idea of ‘one more question’ was simple and very easily incorporated into the conversations I have.  The next day I found myself having lunch with a colleague who through conversation identified herself as an atheist.  Seeing her comment as an opportunity to ask ‘one more question’ I enquired ‘how is it in life you get to the point of identifying yourself as an atheist?  It’s a very absolute thing to say there is no God’.   For me this one question saw conversation turn from good to excellent.  My work colleague talked in detail about her link to Judaism as a child, concepts of love and bad examples of organised religion under the banner of Christian church.  I was able to share personal experiences of God being my source of love and stuff ups in my own life and those of wider Christian communities and the link with God and forgiveness.  It was a conversation that left me grinning on the inside.

So if as part of doing day to day life with people who don’t have a relationship with God, if you are looking for a light weight approach to open up conversation, give some thought to asking ‘one more question’.

Anita and Chris, 05/11/2009