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Mark 16:9-20 discussion - signs.

At church last Sunday we did an interactive sermon/discussion on this passage of Scripture.  There were a number of topics we explored and afterwards I thought about some additional things I could have mentioned (but we ran out of time).  So I thought I would add them on this blog.  Please feel free to continue the discussion by adding your own comments or questions.  For clarity I thought it would be good to have a different post for each topic.  So if you have a comment about a topic please add it here and I will create a new post.  (For example later in the week I am going to create a post on condemnation)

A question was raised to the effect that 'do I need to have experienced the signs listed in my life?'. 
  • I believe the answer is NO.  Signs point to the reality of a life with God. Life with God is the important thing.
  • The list of signs in the passage is only partial - for example it doesn't include prophecy
  • Paul says in 1 Cor 12 that prophecy tongues etc will one day cease (not yet) but faith hope and love remain
  • Jesus said that many will claim to have done various signs but he will say 'I never knew you' (Matt 7:22-23) - the important thing is knowing Jesus.
However as we follow Jesus into mission we should expect to see signs operating in the lives of those we are reaching.  Sometimes it will take a risk/faith step on our behalf.  For example, people won't be healed with the laying on of hands unless we actually do some laying on of hands (or praying for people etc); and spiritual warfare won't necessarily happen unless we actively engage in it.

David Wanstall, 23/11/2009