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Mark 16:9-20 discussion - condemnation

On Sunday one of the things we talked about was condemnation.  One of the things that you can do when studying the bible to try and understand a particular topic is to do a word study.  It involves looking at all the places where a particular word appears.  I invite you to participate in a word study and add your reflections below.

This link will take you to a search result on that lists all the times condemn, condemnation,... etc appear in the NIV version of the New Testament.  You can easily look at the contexts (surrounding verses).

The word translated condemned in Mark 16:17 is katakrithesetai (excuse the anglicized greek) which is a future passive form of the verb katakrino.  There is a small amount of information about that here.

David Wanstall, 23/11/2009