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The blessing of the same old Christmas

This Christmas you are unlikely to hear anything particularly new in church services.  In an entertainment culture with a voracious appetite for the next new thing, this can seem strange.  However, Christmas is not about discovering something new it is about deepening something important.  In life and particularly in relationships, the important things are deepened by repetition.  Many people remember significant times from their childhood when their family went to the same place for holidays every summer.  The repetition each year reinforced the family relationships, relaxing, having fun together etc.

This Christmas it is important to recall and remember the Son of God emptying and humbling himself to become a vulnerable baby, entering into our humanity to fulfill God's promise, demonstrate His incredible love for us and bring salvation.  As you hear the familiar bible stories and sing the familiar songs, ask God to write the truth and joy of them deeper into your soul and you will be blessed by 'the same old Christmas'.

David Wanstall, 17/12/2009