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Christianity and Sport

Here is an interesting article from Christianity Today.  After reading it you may want to leave a comment here.

The article is written in and for the USA so the focus is its sports and sports systems, but the ideas/principles are easily transferred. 

How should we participate in sport?
How should we participate in supporting sports teams?
How should we teach our children about participating in sport?

Here is a quote from the article:

Let Christian athletes, mindful of sport's temptation to pride, shun victory celebrations and consider whether the gospel's spread is well served by on-field prayers, religious gestures, and post-game testimonies. Cheap advertisements of the faith embedded in the cheap milieu of big-time sports smack of cheap grace. Let's scrap the tired images of Christ as coach or Christ as a teammate who is always on our side. It seems to me that hot sporting blood has a much better chance of being leavened when Christ is envisioned as one's opponent.

David Wanstall, 09/02/2010