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Our Strategy

Over the last few months we reflected on our church's journey over the last few years.  In that process we have clarified our strategic approach going forward and identified some simple goals for 2010.

Our Strategy is to create simple, self-funding and reproducing discipleship and mission focused groups. 

(See new sections of our website:  Groups @ Stonnington, and Discipleship Triangles)

Our simple goals for 2010 include:
  • to pray for our church as ONE at ONE pm for ONE minute
  • to process ONE Kairos moment each month
  • to go on ONE retreat during the year
  • to be in ONE discipleship triangle?
  • to invite ONE person to join your triangle?
  • to participate in ONE “Discipleship Sunday” each quarter?
  • to be in ONE mission focussed group?
  • to participate in ONE “Mission Sunday” each quarter
  • ?to share your faith with at least ONE person

David Wanstall, 25/02/2010