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Real learning and maturity

Here is a thought provoking quote from an Out of Ur blog post.

In many cultures of the world you do not really know something until you are putting it into practice and teaching it to others, prior to that you are learning something theoretically rather than actually knowing it. In our Western church culture simply agreeing with something intellectually is enough, but the result is a theoretical faith rather than an actual one. Theoretical Christians will never change a culture. As a remedy we have adopted this understanding: Do not teach a second lesson until the first one is done, and a lesson is not truly learned until it is passed on to others.

What would it look like for you to implement that last sentence in your life?  Our Discipleship triangles are places where we can pass on the lessons we learn from the kairoi (plural of kairos) in our lives.

The whole post refers to 'organic church' and can be found here

David Wanstall, 11/05/2010