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Missional Communities - getting involved

Experience in various places has shown that mid-sized Missional Communities work best when they are initiated and led by ordinary church members (not paid pastors) in response to God given vision/passion and/or opportunities that arise from people of peace.  However not everyone will get a vision, or get a vision at the same time.  In addition, Missional Communities need a team to start.  That being the case, how can we be involved in missional communities apart from being arbitrarily assigned to them?  Alex Absalom suggested three ways of helping to discern where you might fit.  You:

  • Share the Vision - I want to be involved because I resonate with the vision for the group and have  passion for it.
  • Serve the Vision - I am not passionately sold out about the vision, but am interested and willing to serve the vision for the medium term (maybe until God opens up something where I Share the vision)
  • Serve the Leader - I value and admire the person leading the group and I just want to be around them and help out where I can.

David Wanstall, 24/11/2010