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Missional communities - genuine friends

One of the key ideas that Jesus taught in mission was that of the 'person of peace' - look for people who are open to you, welcome you, listen to you and serve you (Luke 10:5-7).  In short a person of peace likes you and you like them.  That takes the pressure off.   As we go about our ordinary lives living in the presence of Jesus, we just need to be on the look out for those sorts of people.  But it is not about using and abusing - Jesus said when you find such a person, stay there, don't move around from house to house (Luke 10:7). In other words, people of peace can become our genuine friends irrespective of whether they become followers of Jesus.

Christians can tend to live in Christian ghettos, where most if not all of their friends are Christians.  Looking for people of peace can help us make great new friends outside of that ghetto.

David Wanstall, 08/12/2010