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Worship is Astonished Reverence

My last few posts have covered the topics of theology, church, mission and discipleship.  This time I want to spend some time focusing on Worship, Worship as Astonished Reverence.

How is your worship going?  There are two aspects that are important
  • Worship as a specific act
  • Worship as a lifestyle
Take a moment and think about how much 'Astonished Reverence' is in each of those aspects in your life and rate yourself from 1-10 (5 not allowed) for them.  Then have a think about why you rated yourself in those ways.  Both are important. 

If our worship is just 'specific acts' and not a 'lifestyle' it is just religiosity. 
If our worship is just 'lifestyle' we run the risk of astonished reverence draining out of our ordinary activities unless we are intentional about specific acts.

Both aspects of worship support and sustain the other.

When will you next engage in a specific act of 'Astonished Reverence'?

How might you bring 'Astonished Reverence' into the ordinary activities of today?

David Wanstall, 18/02/2011