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Discipleship in our whole life

Here is an interesting article by Mark Sayers: "The Challenge of Disciplining the Fragmented Self"

In it he talks about the shift over centuries from a collectivist view of the self (we were part of a bigger chain of being), to a radical individualism, to a contemporary experience of a compartmentalised or fragmented self (work, play, family,...).   Our self is diluted and fragmented and ethically contradictory.

This can lead to a disconnect between our Sunday church experience/behavior to our Monday experience/behavior.  But discipleship to Jesus is for our whole life - not just the religious part.  Because the culture around us tends to compartmentalism we need to be intentional about living integrated, wholistic and ethically consistent lives. 

So in whatever setting people find us (work, home, on the internet, at the footy, with friends), when they bump into us they bump into a person who is becoming more like Jesus.

David Wanstall, 19/07/2011