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Moving to a new rhythm of church

In the second half 2011 we are moving to a new rhythm of church to more sharply focus our precious time together on discipleship and mission.


On the third Sunday of the month we have a shorter service and then a prayer meeting focused on the mission of our church along with a huddle for our missional leaders (this is part of our discipleship process where we focus on what God is saying to us and what we are doing about what God is saying to us).  To enable as many as possible to participate in these gatherings, kids church runs for an extended time with additional music and activities.

Missional Communities are our mid sized groups of people who have specific visions to reach out to people.  They gather in a variety of ways, however on the fourth weekend of the month, they gather over a meal in people's homes with a focus on God that is accessible to people who may want to explore life and spirituality in a Christian setting.  For those who aren't in a missional community or would like some more fellowship, there is also a small informal gathering at the church at 10am on the Sunday morning.

David Wanstall, 10/08/2011