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Alex Absalom/Rivertree - Launching missional communities

Alex Absalom was in Australia last November to run an event about discipling culture and missional communities.  At the beginning of 2011 he joined the staff of Rivertree church in Ohio to help them develop missional communities.  Since then they have been running huddles and a pilot missional community.  They are now in the process of doing a launch.  Here are links to the sermon series that is part of that launch:

God moved into the neighbourhood (incarnational mission)

Influencing every nook and cranny (by Alex and covers the 4 spaces and where missional communities fit)
Who do you love? (person of peace)
The Price of growth (about discipleship)
Q & A on GoCommunities (their name for Missional Communities)

David Wanstall, 25/08/2011