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Memorable Christian moments

I would like you to take a moment to think back over your Christian life and more specifically over the last few years and recall moments that have been memorable.  See if you can think of at least five and preferrably 10.  They don't need to all be miraculous events, or even events that were memorable for other people - just ones that were memorable for you.

....... (insert thinking music)...

Now - I would like you to reflect on where those events occurred.  How many of them were in church buildings, during church services or at other times and places.

I was looking through the Gospels the other day.  These are records of some of the most memorable and significant moments in the lives of Jesus' first disciples.  I was interested to observe where those events occurred. Two or three of them occurred in synagogues or the temple (the local church and the cathedral or mega conference of that day).  But most of them occurred in homes, on the street, and in work places (like next to the lake where the fishing boats were).  In addition, some of the synagogue moments weren't all that positive - often arguments (ring any bells with your church experience)  and in one case it led to an attempt to throw Jesus off a cliff!

I was then reflecting on my Christian life over the last few years as I have learned to engage more effectively in discipleship and mission (using Lifeshapes, huddles/discipleship triangles, and missional communities  gathering in homes and other places).  Compared to my previous Christian experience I have observed that many more of my memorable Christian moments have occurred outside church buildings and services.  There have been memorable moments in services as well, but there seems to have been a shift that aligns my experience closer to that of the first disciples.  That correlation is no accident and long may the trend continue!

David Wanstall, 02/11/2011