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Developing Missional Communities in the real world

Here is a short video by Sally Breen (wife of Mike Breen) about how you build a missional community, (also called oikos) which is an extended spiritual family on mission, in the midst of a busy life:

Here is the start of a recent blog by Alex Absalom which he addresses in the full post here.

A friend emailed me, saying how they and their team are spending time hanging out with non-Christian friends… ”but frankly I’m not sure it’s very missional: it just feels like, well, friends suggesting to other friends to go to the toy library together on a Saturday morning! 

Our circle of non-Christian friends and contacts are all busy families so each time we meet it is a different set of people who tend to turn up… Our conversations tend to be regular ‘school/vacation/kids/work’ stuff… perhaps we are just no good at relating faith to these subjects and knowing how to talk fluently about God stuff? Or perhaps I just need to be patient.

I wonder still if we are being too discreet: we just invite people to hang out with us as friends and don’t make a big deal of it being a group of Christian friends at the core (some know this; others probably don’t). Or do we need add a more overtly ‘up’ activity that others can participate in to the mix?”

David Wanstall, 23/03/2012