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Discipleship for people who are not yet Christians

As we work at learning to be discipled and make disciples, we need to remember that discipleship isn't an add-on that we wheel out once a person becomes a Christian.  Rather we need to start in the way we intend to continue - modeling and encouraging discipleship.

In this post Simon Ford asks:

Today I want to think about how you know if someone is actually being discipled.

What’s the key ingredient?
To help with this, I wanted to share a little example of somebody who doesn’t yet know Jesus – but in my opinion has started to be discipled by Him. He is what I would describe as a long term person of peace: He welcomes me, serves me and is often interested in discussing the spiritual aspects or “deeper meaning” of life  (read the rest of the story on the link above)

He relates the example and then finishes with:

Real life discipleship has to be incredibly simple – Repent and Believe. Anything more complicated than that probably won’t work and probably isn’t biblical! Jesus started with a ragged group of fishermen and tax collectors who at first didn’t even really know who he was, but through the process of discipleship they ended up birthing the greatest movement the world has ever seen. That’s a good enough endorsement for me!

What about you?

   * How are you being discipled by Jesus at the moment?
   * Who are you helping Him to disciple?
   * Has this discipleship become too complicated or is it real life?

David Wanstall, 29/05/2012