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Living from the source

It is sometimes easy for us to fall into a pattern of striving to reach God and/or earn favour with God.  Therefore it is good from time to time to check how we are going.  One way we can do this is reflect on one of the two key themes of Scripture - Covenant (the other is Kingdom).  This diagram shows the way we should be living our lives:

covenant triangle

It all begins with God - NOT US.  He is the source of life, He is the gracious, compassionate, holy and powerful one.  Out of an act of pure grace, our Heavenly Father adopts us as his Children.  That gives us our identity.

It is out of that identity that we then act - NOT as a way of reaching up to God or earning favour with God, but living out the reality that God has reached down to us.

These questions might help:
Have I lost sight in any way of the graciousness of God?
What of the various things I am doing (specifically Christian activities as well as general everyday life), have I begun to do out of my own strength?
When will I make a time to stop and renew my awareness of the grace of God in my life?

David Wanstall, 03/07/2012