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Don't let your God moments be momentary

One of the key things we have learned over recent years is that God teaches and disciples his children through specific moments in our lives.  This is comes from Jesus' initial proclamation :  'The time(Kairos = moment not minute) has come, the kingdom of God is available, repent and believe the good news.' 

The gospels are  full of these moments in time where God's kingdom breaks into the lives of the disciples.  For example - they disciples had an argument about who was the greatest and Jesus used that Kairos(moment) to teach them about servant leadership in the Kingdom.

Jesus teaches his disciples in the same way today, and it is important for us to learn to identify these moments:  It might be an argument, something you see in nature, a passage of Scripture, a comment from a friend, an incident in your workplace. 

We respond to these moments through a process of changing our thinking and changing our acting and we have found the learning circle helps us to do this (see below).

HOWEVER, we also need to learn to stay with those moments and those lessons.  In the business of life we can rush onto the next thing and look for the next God moment without spending the time necessary to integrate God's revelation into our lives - like the disciples really learning to live servant leadership.

Several weeks ago, I had a Kairos about intercession.  God was wanting me to engage in it more and learn more about the purpose and process of intercession.  It has been important for me to keep coming back to that Kairos, reminding myself what God was showing me and to integrate those lessons in my life again at least 2 or 3 days every week.  Over time those lessons will become embedded in my life and I will get full value out of that lesson from our Heavenly Father. 

What is a significant Kairos (God Moment) in your life from the last several months?
Take some time to reflect on it and think about what you can do today to further integrate that lesson into your life.

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David Wanstall, 25/09/2012