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'I'm going through a busy period......'

After I get through this busy period I will.... get back to more regular praying and bible reading, make time for neighbours, invite friends over for a meal, 

Have you noticed yourself making these sorts of reflections or voicing these intentions more than once?  Maybe you have identified a break point - the end of a work project, kids starting school, a reduction in work hours - that you intend to take advantage of to change.  Yet after that break point has happened, you find your praying or bible reading etc hasn't changed.  Somehow after the 'busy period' you find yourself in a new 'busy period'.

If that is the case, it may be time for some deeper reflection:
  • What caused the space to be filled up with new 'business'?
  • Have you underestimated your ability to change habits without outside help - someone who will ask you daily, or weekly how you are going with your intentions?
  • What underlying beliefs cause you to value the things you want to include (prayer, meals with neighbours) less than the things you actually end up doing?  (Fear of missing out, the desirability of a promotion or raise, preference for the immediate stimulus/adrenaline of business, an unidentified underlying uncertainty about the value of prayer/bible)
  • Despite your business - what are some things that you regularly don't let slip - three meals a day, doing the washing, ....?  What change in thinking/beliefs might you need to make so that Kingdom activities have a similar or higher priority (Seek first the Kingdom of God .... and these things will be added to you as well - Matt 6:33
It will be helpful to process these things with another Christian in a small group, discipleship group, huddle or accountability group. 


David Wanstall, 14/11/2012