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3 simple things for our downtime

As a church we will be living out the rhythm of rest and work (semicircle lifeshape) with a rest and abiding time after Christmas.

However that doesn't mean we forget about God, church and the world.  Here are three simple, easy, suggestions:

1.  Aim to catch up once with some other people/families from church for a fun social time - a meal, a movie, a trip to the beach, or watching the cricket on TV....

2.  Aim to catchp up once with your people of peace/non Christian friends for a fun social time. 

3.  Aim to do something that renews your appreciation for God and his work eg:
  • Read "Who is this man?:  The unpredictable impact of the Inescapable Jesus" by John Ortberg (available from Koorong, Amazon ...)  and/or
  • Read through Acts noticing how God continually acts ahead of his disciples in mission and invites them along.

David Wanstall, 19/12/2012