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Spiritual Lessons from our Cat

Over the downtime at Christmas, God reminded me of two important spiritual lessons through observing our cat 'Charlie'.

Charlie is an expert at rest
This reminds me of the importance of physical, mental, and spiritual rest - particularly abiding in Jesus and drawing close to Him.  Charlie also has rhythms of rest - he tends to rest at particular times of the day in particular places.  It is not rigid - there is some variation and sometimes he will change his resting places for weeks at a time.

Charlie is curious
Curiosity is invaluable in a life of discipleship.  Just as Charlie will come and investigate new things that come into his environement, I need to be curious about what happens around me.  I need to consider those occurences and see if God is speaking to me through them.  He might be speaking about who He is, who I am, who we (as the church) are, and what He is wanting to do in and through me/us.


David Wanstall, 30/01/2013