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Some important missional questions

As we begin our fresh missional adventure based in the Ashwood/Chadstone area, there are some key questions that it will be good for us to ask ourselves and reflect on:
  1. How can we help double the number of spiritual conversations we have with non-Christians this year as compared to last year?
    1. Think about the times and places you had spiritual conversations last year.  What pointers does that give you for this year?  What might you do less of? What might you do more of?
  2. Who are we sent to?
    1. Who are the people in your life that you would most like to see reached?
    2. Who are the people you would most like to see become disciples of Jesus?
    3. What would be the most effective way to reach them?  (these 3 questions courtesy of Alex Absalom)
  3. Who are we sent with?

David Wanstall, 20/02/2013