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Apps to help you with Bible memorization

A few weeks ago I suggested you might like to memorize some passages from the bible.

Here are a couple of apps that you might find helpful:

Bible Minded.  It is free from the American Bible Society.  It comes in iPhone and Android versions.  It enables you to set your own passages, make voice recordings of those passages, use flash cards and set how frequently you are reminded to review the passages.  I think it is excellent.

Scripturetyper.  It is a free web based application that helps you memorize by getting you to type in the verses you want to memorize - with guidance.  There is a paid app for your iPhone which you can sink with the browser version.

On the previous post I suggested a range of passages to memorize (these are better than isolated verses here and there).  In using these apps you might like to break down those passages into 2 or 3 verse chunks.


David Wanstall, 02/04/2013