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Why it is vital to think about what God is like

Have you ever been in a workplace where an old boss was replaced by a new one?  Can you remember the uncertainty about what they would be like, what they would want and how they would interact with you?  (If you haven't been in that position maybe you have had similar experiences with a new teacher, minister in a church or coach of a sporting team).

As you get to know the new boss - it shapes how you act - what work you do, how and when you do it, the way you ask questions (or not), the way you report etc.

What we think about what God is like shapes the way we act towards God in similar and probably more profound ways.

The converse is also true - how we act in our Christian life can reveal what we think God is like even if we haven't fully articulated that even to ourselves.

So take some time, to freshly think about what God is like as revealed through the bible, creation and preeminently in Jesus.  And take some time to freshly think about what your actions and attitudes reveal about God.

Compare the two and find some way to regularly reflect on what God is really like - it will seep out through your life.


David Wanstall, 07/05/2013