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Connecting Christianity to your work place

Sometimes we can struggle to bridge conversations with our colleagues from work to spiritual issues.

One thing that might help is to see if you can find out some Christian connection to your area of work.  It might be a person, an incident or even ideas.

You might think that there couldn't be such a connection for your area of work, but you might be surprised.  For example, a friend of mine who lectures people in sports and leisure management uses the story of Thomas Cook.  Now the travel agency, Thomas Cook, was founded by, you guessed it a guy call 'Thomas Cook'.  Some consider him the father of modern tourism and the story is very interesting.  Thomas Cook was a Christian (actually an evangelist) who fell into tourism through organising transportation and entertainment for a temperance rally (a gathering to fight alcoholism).

In fact he considered organising tours as part of his temperance ministry, reasoning that the lower and middle classes would be far better off if they saved their money for trips rather than spending it on booze.

You can read more here

So use google, and chat to other Christians in your field and see if you can find some interesting connection.  You might like to add them in the comments section.


David Wanstall, 27/05/2013