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Integrating Faith and Life - what are the questions and challenges

In the second half of 2013 in our teaching times , I am planning that we will address key issues in living out our faith in our everyday lives.  To help make the teaching as helpful as possible, it would be great if you could contribute what you think are the key questions and challenges for each of the various themes in the form below.

Sunday morning services are a small part of our week.  We spend most of our time engaged in work, family, friendships and leisure.  To integrate our faith into our lives, it should inform, shape and enhance these areas.  So what do you think are the key issues and challenges in living out the life of Jesus in our families, friendships, leisure activities and work lives (whether paid or not)?

At a deeper level there are three major aspects of life where we need to integrate our faith and life - Money, Sex and Power.  Many of us could probably relate some of the main points of Christian teaching in these areas but I think it will be really helpful if we can go beyond just reciting those key points and address areas of challenge and uncertainty.  What are some of these?


David Wanstall, 21/07/2013