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God puts no cap on rotations

In Australian Rules Football, they have recently introduced a cap on the number of rotations - times a player can come off the ground for a rest on the interchange bench.  10-15 years ago, the interchange bench players were more regarded as reserve players with only a handful of rotations (swaps of players) happening each game usually for injury, mismatches with opponents, or poor performance.  Then through some experiementation, clubs discovered they could get more output from their players if they regularly brought players off to have a rest.  This led to a dramatic change in perceptions, whereas before being taken off the field and put on the interchange bench was seen as a punishment for poor performance, it became essential for players, even the best players, to be able to perform at their best.  A regular rhythm of WORK and REST has led to greater output.

This is true because it is the way God has designed us to operate in His universe.  We rest physically and abide spiritually in Christ; and from that we work and produce fruit in the Kingdom of God.  The semicircle helps us remember this rhythm.


How is your rhythm of rest/abiding and work/fruitfulness going?
Is it happening on a daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally, and annual basis?  Have you planned your rest in your diary?

You might like to consider increasing the number and length of times for rest/abiding in your life - it can lead to greater fruitfulness. 

Unlike the AFL where they have capped rotations, God puts no cap on our rotations.


David Wanstall, 09/09/2013