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You might hate journalling but do you track your Kairos?

One of the things that is sometimes recommended as a spiritual practice that helps with spiritual growth is journalling - the writing down of your thoughts, questions, prayers, even conversations, with God.  The process can help with clarifying issues and it can be a very rich experience to go back and read a record of your interactions with God. 

Generally speaking, I think there are two sorts of people - those who love journalling, and those who just can't get into it and if they start, can't maintain it beyond a few days/weeks.  So if you have never tried it - why not have a go and see which sort of person you are.


Whichever sort of person you are - Jesus still disciples you through the same process he used with the first disciples.  He brings God moments (Kairos) where there is an opportunity for the Kingdom of God to break into your life in a fresh way.  The key then is to recognize what God is saying to you and change your thinking (repentence) so you can then make a plan and act differently (belief)  (See Mark 1:14-15 and this article)


We only really change when we follow through on what God has said and what we have planned to do in response.  So each of us needs to find a way to track the Kairos in our lives that works for us.  Then we are most likely to gain full benefit from those Kairos.

Is it:
  • journalling
  • keeping a list in the front of your bible  (one phrase or sentence description - not a full journal entry)
  • writing them on the back of your hand
  • using some app on your smart phone
  • post-it notes next to your bed
  • talking about them with a trusted Christian friend
  • some other brilliant idea
There is no one right way, there are just ways that work for you.  So if you already have a way to track Kairos - keep using it.  If you don't currently have a way - try a few different options and see which works for you.


David Wanstall, 18/09/2013