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Stop and smell the Grace

Has a friend ever advised you to 'stop and smell the roses'?  For many of us with hectic lives it is a suggestion we need to hear and act on. 

However, it is even more important in our Christian lives that we 'stop and smell the Grace'.  That we regularly take time to remember, recognize and receive God's grace. 

Grace is God acting in our lives.  Grace is for whole life as well as for forgiveness.  Grace doesn't induce passivity - it is not opposed to effort (action), it is opposed to earning (attitude).  BUT sometimes we can be so busy living the Christian life that we start living it as if in our own strength and with our own resources - it can't be done, it can't be sustained, and lacks the joy of living in God.  SO lets:
  • Remember that we always need God's grace - for forgiveness and living the Christian life AND that it is always available.
  • Recognize the places we have been experiencing God's grace - the common grace of creation (sunsets, sleep, rain, food ....); the specific grace of salvation, forgiveness, answered prayer, strength or wisdom for a particular circumstance, the sanctification of our hearts..., and
  • Receive fresh grace for today - forgiveness, to walk in the way of Christ in partnership with Christ; to overcome a current challenge; to engage in mission or service.....
The ultimate revelation of Grace is in the life death, resurrection, ascension and coming return of Jesus Christ.  Focus on that regularly. 

Build triggers into your day to focus on God's grace.  You may like to connect reflecting on God's grace to the grace you say at meal times.

Many of the New Testament letters start with a blessing of Grace and Peace for the recipients.  In 1 Peter 1:2 it says "Grace and peace be yours in abundance".  Look for opportunities to bless others in a similar way - in greetings, farewells and prayers.

Stop and smell the Grace (and the roses).

David Wanstall, 23/10/2013