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Encountering God and famous tennis players

Last week and this week, the Australian Tennis Open is on in Melbourne.  If you wanted to get close to a famous tennis player, now is the time to go to Melbourne Park.  You don't even need to get a centre court ticket, just get a ground pass and do some investigating about where and when the players are practicing.  It will give you a great opportunity to get close to them, observe how they play their shots, and maybe even get a photo or an autograph.

You make a plan and go to where they are likely to be.

It is the same if you want to encounter God - make a plan and go to where humans have observed God tends to show up.

Psalm 19 talks about people God being revealed through the universe around us and through His Word.  So here are two possible plans:
  • go and walk or sit in creation, still your heart and mind and ask God to speak to you through what is around you. 
  • open the bible and read some of it - it is full of records of people's encounters with God (you might like to use the daily readings we are following as a church at
You might even combine the two!!

Humans have also observed that they encounter Him when they gather in groups of people who also want to encounter God.  So here is a third plan:
  • gather together with Christians, expecting to encounter God in the conversations and activities.
So how will you plan to encounter God on a regular basis this year?

David Wanstall, 22/01/2014