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How is your super-superannuation?

Most people now have superannuation accounts where money is saved for their retirement.  Most have automatic payments going into them either from their employer or their own contributions.  It is a 'storing up of treasure' for your retirement.  Making adequate provision for you and your family is a wise thing.  But Jesus taught his followers to store up treasures for themselves in heaven where moth and rust can't destroy or global sharemarket collapses decimate their value.

So how do you store up treasures in heaven, how do you have a heavenly superannuation account - 'super-superannuation'?  Jesus says it is through selling your possessions and giving to the poor (Matt 19:21, Mark 10:21, Luke 12:34).

So how are your contributions to your super-superannuation account going?  Do you make regular contributions? Are they automated (direct debit, credit card etc) or haphazard?  Are they a priority or do they only happen if you have something left over?  Do they increase as your income increases? Do you have things you can put on ebay and give away the proceeds?

David Wanstall, 18/02/2014