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Discipling our Children

 No one becomes a disciple of Jesus by accident.  This is especially true of our children.   We have been using the Kairos Quest curriculum in our kids church.  The curriculum contains some really valuable information for parents.  Here are two key points that we have covered recently:

Family Rhythms

  • Kids are creatures of habit and thrive in environments where they feel stable. As much as parents may like change, kids need this stability.
  • Kids need touch points throughout the day and throughout the week that are regular, rhythmic and expected. Things like breakfast at the same time or dinner. Similarly, having a consistent Sabbath day that is set aside that is the kids’ favorite day.
  • Likewise, kids need at least two spiritual touch points a day that ground them both in your family and the family of God. Examples:
    • Reading a story from the Jesus Storybook Bible every day at breakfast and discussing.
    • Praying with them before bed every night that includes questions about their day.
    • Family prayer time where you use the same prayer questions each day. For example:
      • What are you thankful for today?
      • Do you know anyone who is sick? Let’s pray for them.
      • Are you anxious or worried about anything? Let’s pray for it.
      • Do you have any friends who don’t know Jesus yet? Let’s pray for them

Intentional Discipleship

  • How do we learn? Information. Apprenticeship. Immersion.
  • In a family setting, we see this happening in ORGANIZED times and ORGANIC times.
  • Organized: If your kids are in third grade or above, we suggest having a weekly family Huddle where the kids are processing what God is saying and what they are going to do about it in addition to their daily spiritual touch points.    The six stages of the learning circle can be simplified: Look (observe), Think (reflect), Talk (discuss), Plan, Help (account), Do (Act)learning circle white
    • For younger ages, you can start simply by asking them to talk about what have been some highlights or lowlights (highs and lows) of their weeks and praying about them together.
  • Organic: Explain to your kids why you do certain things like pray or read the Bible. Let them do it with you and apprentice them as it seems right. Most importantly, let your kids hear you talk with your spouse (if applies) about what God has been saying to you and what’s been happening. You’re not talking TO THEM, but letting them OVERHEAR a conversation. It’s allowing them to see this is perfectly normal.
These activites can be completed in only a few minutes, the key is to develop a habit/routine of doing them regularly.

David Wanstall, 26/03/2014