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The importance of the Cross

It is only a few days until Easter.  Sometimes it is a bit like the mad rush up to Christmas where we have so much going on that we only really focus in on Easter in the last few days.

This year I would like to encourage you to reflect more often and more deeply on Easter.

Think about the reality of Evil in this world.

People sometimes question whether there can be a good God given the amount of evil in the world, but if you take away God you are still left with all the evil.  As Christians we shouldn't be scared to think about evil and look it squarely in the face because Easter teaches us that God is doing something about it.

Many of us are fortunate to live relatively comfortable lives and sometimes evil can be a thing that is out there, not close to us.  However, the lead up to Easter is good time to think more soberly about evil.  Yes it is present in far away places, but it is also present here, and if not so obvious in our direct lives now, you can find it as a terrible reality in the lives of people living near you.  The news tells us that.

But evil is more pervasive than that.  We can find it in our own souls, in the things we have done and even in the thoughts of terrible things we might do that sometimes flash across our minds in the heat of the moment.

Think about the effects of the Cross

Last Sunday in the sermon, Chris spoke about the cross being Substitution and Victory.  Substitution for our sinfulness and Victory over darkness.

An early father of the church, Chrysostum, put it this way:

For the cross destroyed the enmity of God towards man,
brought about the reconciliation,
made the earth Heaven,
associated humans with angels,
pulled down the citadel of death,
unstrung the force of the devil,
extinguished the power of sin,
delivered the world from error,
brought back the truth,
expelled the demons,
destroyed temples,
overturned altars,
suppressed the sacrificial offering,
implanted virtue,
founded the chruches.

Think deeply about the problem, and think deeply about the solution and Easter will be a time of spiritual riches.


David Wanstall, 02/04/2014