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Restaurant vs home cooked food

Many people eat a mixture of home cooked and restaurant food.  For some it means going to restaurants and for others it may mean the occasional trip to the local fish and chip shop, McDonalds or Pizza hut.  The amount of restaurant food varies for each of us and is influenced by income, time, family and even dietary circumstances.

At a spiritual level, we need a healthy balance of ‘home cooked’ spiritual food and spiritual food ‘prepared by others’.  We have the opportunity to hear and respond to teaching in church services/small groups/conferences as well as from books, online blogs and videos.  But it is also important to remember that as children of God we can expect that we will be able to read the bible, understand most of it and think about how to apply it to our lives.  

If we just rely on ‘restaurant’ spiritual food, our ability to ‘cook for ourselves’ will become weaker through neglect.  If we just rely on ‘home cooked’ spiritual food, we will miss out on the wisdom and insight God has given others in the church.

I would like to encourage you to make a plan to have a balance of ‘home cooked’ and ‘restaurant’ spiritual food.


David Wanstall, 23/05/2014