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Should a Christian ever think or act as if God does not exist?

Here is a thought provoking article from Roger Olson

Here are some quotes:

My question is: What has the acceptance, even embrace, of secularity and pluralism in modern societies done to our Christianity? Has it led to its privatization? Has it forced us to pretend not to believe in God in certain places—to hide our Christian beliefs, commitments and values? Is that a betrayal of God? Has it contributed to a gradual, largely unnoticed secularization of churches and religious organizations where prayer exists but “business” is conducted as if God does not exist?

I also want to ask why more Christians (and other religious people) do not feel what is happening—their being asked to believe and decide and act as if God does not exist—as a crisis. Some sociologists of religion are making the case, convincingly, I believe, that they don’t because they have internalized secularization and pluralism—alongside their religious beliefs and commitments. They can comfortably act as if God does not exist in certain situations because they have created inside themselves a space for that—a space where, for them, God does not exist.

To a very large extent they function quite comfortably as if God does not exist in much of life and dedicated to God in other parts of life. I think even many churches, perhaps most, function this way. They worship God as Lord of all in the sanctuary but act as if God does not exist in church business decision-making.

What do you think - have you felt this?

David Wanstall, 05/11/2014