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To Be List

to be list

Many of us have TO DO lists.  Some who are more organised will have detailed lists with priorities and due dates.  Others will  freely move from one task to the next one that comes to mind.  However there is something more iimportant than a TO DO list and that is a TO BE list - a list of the sort of person you want to become.

A TO BE list is more important and more powerful because:

  1. A TO DO list is limited by the circumstances around you, the resources available etc.
  2. A TO DO list is always focused on things that are temporary - the house you build will one day fall down, the hair you do will get messed up by the wind, the money you make will be spent or inherited by others.....
  3. A TO BE list isn't limited by the circumstances around you
  4. A TO BE list is focused on who you are becoming for eternity.
1 Corinthians 13 is a powerful contrast between a TO BE list and a TO DO list.

What is on your TO BE List?  We all have one, even if the only item on it is - I don't want to be anyone in particular.

Don't make a big long list - keep it short so you can keep focused.  You can always add items later.

I want TO BE permeated by love
I want TO BE consistently joyful in GOD
I want TO BE full of contentment

Then remember that making progress on your TO BE list always starts continues and ends with God: God's presence, God's grace, and God's action in your life.    Ask God for help and then humbly cooperate with what God says and does paying particular attention to the moments and events of your own life - that is where you will find God at work.

photo credit: To Do List Chalkboard via photopin (license)  


David Wanstall, 01/04/2015