Encounter Baptist Church is a Christian community of families, young adults, and young at heart.  We are committed to discipleship, making a difference in the community, and networking with other churches.
On most Sundays we have services from 10:00am at 17 Margot Street, Chadstone.  On the fourth Sunday of the month we meet in peoples homes.
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David Wanstall
Great story about someone's experience of Christians living out their life
This is an article that was published on The Age website More ...
David Wanstall
When I grow up get to the nursing home, I want to be .....
What sort of person do you want to be when you get to the nursing home? Many of us think about what we want to be or do when we grow up, but one day, if we get old enough we will find ourselves in a nursing home (or its equivalent). So.... More ...
David Wanstall
Do you have a To Be List?
Better than a To Do List More ...
David Wanstall
 Sunday Messages 
Prayer (download)
David Wanstall, 07/06/2015
Power of the Holy Spirit (download)
David Wanstall, 17/05/2015
Jesus Loves Me (download)
Mia Kafieris, 03/05/2015
Resurection, Refreshment & Righteiousness (download)
Christine.W & Paul.R & Celia.N, 19/04/2015
To Know, To Be, To Do (download)
David Wanstall, 12/04/2015