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Discipleship is not just about information transfer, it is about life transformation so we are more like Jesus.  This can be greatly helped if we understand the processes of discipleship.  Lifeshapes are simple symbols for teaching these processes that are:
  • memorable,
  • easily taught and
  • can be easily transferred from one to another without having to rely on large programs. 

As we learn these tools and apply them to our lives, we will all become people who can pass them on to a friend who becomes  a Christian - we will all be able to do it, we won't have to rely on experts.

Here are some short descriptions of some of these shapes:

Here are some more resources

Extract from the book 'Calling a city back to God'

Some Blog Articles by David Wanstall:
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Blog entries from the Lifeshapes conference in Sheffield June 07
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Work from Rest
Kairos Moments
Identifying Learning Moments
Real World plus reflections

Online Survey
Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist - what is your gifting?

Some Blog articles by Andrew Dowsett

Another Blog about a church plant using lifeshapes:

A website with some lifeshapes tools

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David Wanstall, 23/06/2008

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